Core values


Performance Driven
  • Sets high but achievable standards of performance
  • Where possible, stretches capabilities and capacity
  • Focuses on outcomes rather than output
  • Achieves results with an emphasis on quality, timeliness and cost
  • Pioneers innovative and better ways to do things
  • Defines and communicates what success looks like
  • Values sustainable progress as much as immediate achievements
  • Aims for flawless delivery and learns from mistakes
  • Identifies performance issues, defines and executes plans of action

Empowering Lerdership

  • Respects others
  • Works as an effective team player, always exhibits a “can do”attitude
  • Builds strong and capable teams, develops, delegates and empowers
  • Holds self and others accountable for outcomes
  • Takes pride in own work and that of the team
  • Actively contributes to the performance, development and engagement of colleagues
  • Recognises own strengths, limitations and personal motivations and adapts where necessary


  • Negotiates and influences to achieve winning outcomes
  • Focuses on professional, honest and transparent relationships rather than transactions alone
  • Builds for the long term; considers both the present and the future
  • Takes the time to understand clients’ and customers’ needs (both internal and external)
  • Focuses on maximizing customer satisfaction
  • Always strives to meet and even surpass clients’and customers’ expectations
  • Creates and providers solutions for clients and customers


  • Adapts well to changes and new situations, and acts accordingly
  • Takes measured risks, backed by informed decisions
  • Unafraid to try new things
  • Desires success and uses failure as a learning experience
  • Shows courage to do and say the right things
  • Displays consistent behaviour in private and in public and honours commitments
  • Challenges status quo and open to being challenged by others
  • Is accountable for failure as well as success, without allocating blame
  • Does the right things right

  • ムンディファーマのモットーである「Challenging but fun」を理解・賛同できるポジティブな人
  • 簡単にあきらめない「Dare to Win」の精神の持ち主で、明るく元気で、自分から人に溶け込める人
  • 「Get out of your comfort zone」、を理解し、実行できる人
  • Entrepreneurship企業家精神を持ち前向きにチャレンジできる人
  • 全ての事を1人称で語り、自分が主人公となり仕事ができる人
  • 以上の項目を、同僚は勿論、上司・部下と共有して第一人者としてリードできるような人